About me

Hi, I'm Qihan Wang, 王启涵 in Chinese (pronounced Chee-Han), but people usually call me by Chuck. I'm a Senior Computer Science and Mathematics double mojor at Rice University with great interest in optimization and machine learning.

My research interests include: Accelerated methods in non-convex optimization, stochastic first order methods, sparsity constraints and pruning for neural networks, double descent in neural network training.

Previously, I worked at Microsoft working on Sabia, a royalty knowledge service fabric using NLP and knowledge graph. Also I've worked at MD Anderson Cancer Center as a research assistant on Using SVM to classify cancer of unknown primary (CUP problem) and Constructing evolutionary tree with copy number from DNA/RNA long read data.

Recent Work


A Hololens app that reconstructs and renders 3D objects based on photos.

Deep Disaster Learner

A disaster evaluation app that identifies areas of need by analyzing Tweet stream using SVM learning technique

Rush Hour

A minimalist city planning game inspired by MiniMetro completed as a part of COMP 160.

Age of Ultrasound

An improved solution to capturing and sharing ultrasound data through cellular devices

Get In Touch

If you are interested in my projects and want to learn more, please let me know!